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“How long does it take to paint a court?”

A half-court basketball court typically will take under two hours. However, additional three-point lines and other add-ons will modestly increase the completion time. A full-sized basketball court typically can be done in one four-hour time period.

“How long does the court last?”

Your new basketball court lines will usually remain vibrant for at least two years, but will certain remain visible beyond that time. We recommend re-striping every three to four years.

“Do I need to do any preparations on my driveway?”

We recommend that you brush off any obvious dirt from the driveway (in order to avoid any discoloring of the lines we paint). Just a basic sweeping of visible dirt. The most important thing is to make sure that the surface is dry prior to our arrival (with the exception of rain). Also, please remove any large obstructions such as cars, trash cans, nets, or anything similar that would interfere with the work space.


We require a wait time of 2-3 weeks after sealing to avoid the possibility of  a discoloration: white paint lines turn yellow due to paint chemicals mixxing with uncured sealant chemicals. Disclosure: Some poor sealcoats/asphalts inevitably discolor the paint regardless of cure time (rare, but possible) and in that case it’s our policy to come back and repaint free of charge. But, this discoloration is NOT caused by us, and therefore we are NOT held responsible for discoloration due to newly sealed drive aways. We do everything in our power to ensure this doesn’t happen.

“Do I need to be on site when you paint?”
No need at all. Most of our courts are done when our clients aren’t even home! We can send you an invoice if you are not able to be there in person.
“How long does it take for the court to dry?”

Usually you can play on our courts in just one hour after being painted! We do, however, recommend waiting 12 hours before driving over the lines with any vehicle.

“Do you guarantee your work?”

Absolutely. Although the instance when we have had to perform even minor touch-ups have been rare – less than 2% of all our painting jobs.

“Is my driveway big enough for a court?

Yes – we can work with you to design an option that suits your driveway and accommodates your needs. Home Court Advantage crews use a proprietary stencil and industrial grade equipment that allows us to deliver precision quality regardless of your court size.

“What happens when it rains?”

Rain can occasionally get in the way, and while we cannot guarantee we will be able to reschedule within the next few days, we typically leave timeslots open in a given week for “make-up” days. If you’re rained out, you will be rescheduled to the very earliest make-up day.

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